Classroom-centred training

To better meet your organisation’s bespoke training needs we’ve created our
 ground-breaking ‘classroom-centred’ training approach.



We are really excited about our blended ‘classroom-centred’ trainings, which use a spaced learning approach. This uniquely effective approach means we introduce, revisit, and reinforce materials over time using different teaching methods. The evidence shows it offers a huge step forward in training effectiveness.

By training groups of staff partly in the classroom and partly online over a longer period, we create a positive environment for learning and retaining new materials. This allows our learners to effectively overcome ‘the forgetting curve‘ (for more information see ‘What is the forgetting curve?’ in Frequently Asked Questions). 

Using online tools such as guided reading as well as bespoke podcasts and video, we thoroughly prepare learners before they arrive in the classroom, so we can maximise the impact of the face-to-face time we have together.

security management training
security management training

Once in the classroom, we use participatory learning approaches, from worked examples to role-plays to simulations, and we engage learners to actively practise new knowledge, skills, and attitudes. We know these techniques work, and when combined with online elements they become much more effective.

After the classroom segment of the training we follow up online with learners. The tailor-made podcasts, videos and knowledge checks we use following a classroom training help to significantly improve learners’ knowledge retention, which means they are better able to apply new knowledge and skills when they need to in real-life situations.

If you would like to find out more about our innovative blended classroom-centred training approach please contact us.

"The number of blended courses in higher education continues to increase as does demand for them, and it is considered by many to be the emerging default course design "

Kristen Shand, California State University & Susan Glassett Farrelly, Humboldt State University

“I worked with Ian from Crucial Safety on security management trainings in Erbil and Baghdad for a large humanitarian NGO. Ian has expert knowledge, is an amazing trainer and is very adaptable and flexible - and this was key in developing and delivering a high-quality bespoke training. He also has a very friendly, professional approach. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.”

Programme Coordinator, Human Appeal

Security management


We use our blended, bespoke classroom-centred approach to train international, national, and local organisations, whether at HQ, capital city level, or project sites in the field. Prior to the course, we sit with you to understand your needs and tailor courses to your organisational requirements. We work collaboratively with you each step of the way, regularly discussing progress and milestones.

Using spaced learning techniques we provide cutting-edge training on numerous different topics, including context and risk assessment, actor mapping, security strategies, security planning, contingency planning – including hibernation, relocation and evacuation, site security assessments, handling stress or difficult conversations with colleagues, responding to sexual violence, legal liability and duty of care, incident management, building a robust security culture in your organisation, health and welfare, and other security management issues. 

Please get in touch and we will happily discuss your specific needs.

Crisis management


Our crisis management training uses our highly effective blended learning approach. We train crisis management and incident management teams at HQ and in the field. Our trainings are entirely bespoke and tailored to your needs, and are a mixture of online and off-line. They are based on your organisation’s crisis management approach and documentation. If you don’t have such documentation we can help you create it.

The contents of the course are decided with you. As a guide, we often work with staff to familiarise them with key policies and procedures, recap your organisation’s crisis management approach and offer an overview of key crisis management skills including crisis communications, crisis decision-making, family liaison, handling the media and team dynamics during a crisis.

This is followed by either a desk-top exercise or a fully immersive simulation, depending on the requirements of your organisation, your preparedness, training to date, and the maturity level of your crisis management systems.

The exercise is followed by a detailed ‘hot’ debrief highlighting key lessons learned, and we send video and podcast follow-ups for up to six months to ensure learning is retained and integrated into future work streams.

“The crisis management simulation design was excellent ensuring that the simulation exercise was both realistic and challenging, not to mention interesting. You did not simply produce a 'good storyline', but rather the exercise effectively tested the desired objectives and participants. During the exercise and immediately following you provided insightful feedback on both individual and organisational strengths and growth areas and your knowledge of the aid/development sector means that you are able to provide strong and suitable advice. Overall, you were easy to work with, delivered a package that met our objectives and ensured significant individual and organizational learning. I would readily recommend you to others in the humanitarian and development sector.”

International Safety & Security Manager at Tearfund

Highly experienced


Our trainers have many years of experience in the field and at HQ with aid, development, and civil society organisations. They have managed security and led trainings in many different conflict and post-conflict contexts around the world.

Our goal is to equip as many people as possible with the knowledge and skills they need to keep their teams safe in the field and to keep programmes running. We believe that working with the best possible trainers and using advanced learning techniques is one of the ways we can deliver on that. If your organisation isn’t currently training with Crucial Safety drop us a line to find out how we can turbo-charge your staff’s learning and development.

For further information about our unique and bespoke blended classroom-centred trainings, please contact us

“I took a 5-day training that Crucial Safety co-delivered for GIZ on Security and Risk Management. I never could imagine spending a whole week on these topics - especially with a full workload at home, but the training was outstanding and definitely worth spending the time. It benefitted from the trainer's way to authentically bring across the contents and generate a group feeling and commitment amongst the trainees. Looking forward to the next occasion.

Portfolio (Programme) Manager, GIZ, South Caucasus