Crucial Safety online training modules are general in nature, and their contents may not be applicable in all situations. The advice on good practice, approaches and tools contained in the online trainings may not be the best course of action in all circumstances and in some cases could even place people at risk of death or injury. The contents must be modified and adapted as appropriate, to suit the needs of particular organisations and situations. Learners must always operationalise the contents of the training with support from qualified and experienced managers who should exercise their judgement at all times as to the best courses of action.

Completing an online training module is no guarantee of future security; neither does it replace the need for appropriate experience, judgement, and/or further training, coupled with the relevant equipment, policies and procedures, applied as each situation demands. Crucial Safety can take no responsibility for any harm, injury or death that may occur in the future following participation in any online training modules.


The aim of the online security training modules offered by Crucial Safety is to help humanitarian, development and other organisations to manage their security well.

The online training modules do this by offering suggested – and non-exhaustive – generic guidance, tools and resources, designed to assist organisations to think through their security policies, plans, attitudes, practices and procedures. The guidance, tools and resources are intended to be adapted by those responsible for security management to suit the needs of their particular organisation and situation. The online training modules do not cover every possible situation, organisation or eventuality. They do not cover aspects of security management or practice that are specific to particular locations, cultures, or types of humanitarian operation. They are not intended as a ‘standard’ or a requirement for any organisation. It is always important to consider whether the generic points mentioned in the trainings need adapting to suit a particular situation.

By continuing with a selected training you agree to accept this disclaimer.