GIZ Dorana Test Course

Here you will find additional information that will support your learning journey during the Security Risk Management Advisors’ course.

Course Description

To prepare you for GIZ’s SRMA training course you are expected to familiarise yourself with certain aspects of security management prior to attending. The materials in this short course allow you to do this. 

You Will Learn

To prepare for the course you will need to know the following:

-the context of Dorana, the setting for the course

-the moral and legal responsibility the company has to look after its employees

-GIZ’s Security Risk Management Framework

How you will learn?

This part of the course is delivered using videos, podcasts, and reading. Brief knowledge checks are included to make sure you have fully understood the information. You must complete this course preparation in order to fully participate in the face-to-face part of the course. You cannot receive an end of course certificate if you have not completed this part of the course. 

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone attending the face-to-face part of the Security Risk Management Advisors’ course in Germany.

Your Trainers

Your trainers will be Randy Bareham and Ian Woodmansey.

Course Content

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